Lecture: Complex Networks in Software Systems

Marc Roper will be giving a lecture on “Complex Networks in Software Systems – A Challenge to Complexity Scientists” on Friday 23rd January at the Institute for Advanced Studies as part of its “Complex Networks across the Natural and Technological Sciences” event.

Graphs are used extensively within computer science and software engineering to represent a wide range of network relationships – from internal data and control dependencies within a program, to workflow and process dependencies within the development life-cycle. One common factor in complex software engineering projects is the sheer scale of such network graphs, potentially consisting as they do of millions of nodes and edges. The aim of this talk is to review the uses of network graphs within different aspects of software engineering and outline some of the approaches we have taken in trying to manage such large and complex entities in a range of different contexts. It also raises the question of whether any of the techniques employed by complexity scientists can be used to address the problems presented by complex software systems.

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