Research Matters, Issue 03, 2008

Inah’s work has been mentioned in the current issue of Research Matters, available in full here.

New Model Supports Global Software Engineering

Researchers in Strathclyde’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) have developed an innovative new model to improve communication between software engineers working collaboratively from across the globe.

As with many other modern industries, software engineering is a global enterprise, but that globalisation introduces a challenge – how can developers ensure that they have up-to-date and shared understanding when working on a joint project across time zones?

Researchers in CIS have developed a new model based on monitoring the core interactions that take place during software development, such as the creation, deletion, updating and viewing of software project artefacts. These interactions are captured automatically, and the model then provides real-time relevance cues about the tasks, engineers and artefacts within the global shared collaboration space.

The team has already evaluated the model with a project class of advanced students, the results of which highlighted its feasibility and effectiveness. The group is now testing the model on a global engineering project spanning Russia, Finland and Ireland. Researchers are also keen to trial the model on projects associated with the University.

Department of Computer and Information Sciences